FLAMRO Variant Pipe Collars R 90

FLAMRO Variant Pipe Collars R 90

Wall penetration: two firestop collars
Floor/ceiling penetration: one firestop collar at the underside of the floor/ceiling

Also available in the version “Variant PLUS” with additional acoustic decoupling properties (sound insulation)

Approved for combustible pipes and conduits for:

  • non-combustible liquids
  • non-combustible gases
  • water supply lines
  • pneumatic tubes
  • dust extraction systems

Areas of application

Permitted for installation in walls of at least 10 cm thickness made of masonry, concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete, as well as in lightweight partitions of at least 10 cm thickness, and in floors/ceilings of at least 15 cm thickness made of concrete or autoclaved aerated concrete. Mortar the collars into place or screw them on. Use non-combustible mineral wool (melting temp. > 1000°C) or cement mortar.

Special benefits

  • Up to 3 pipes can be accommodated in one collar
  • Acoustic decoupling properties thanks to 4 mm foam lining
  • Low space requirement
  • Approved for lightweight partitions
  • Permitted for accommodation of up to 2 control cables for pneumatic tubes
  • Acoustic decoupling (sound insulation) effect if the remaining surface is bedded in mortar
  • Usable as an inserted or as a slip-on collar
  • Easy to use also with already routed pipes thanks to a convenient fastening mechanism

Installation instructions

Collar installation using dowels / screws:

Pursuant to Section 4 of the Technical Approval document, use of steel expansion anchors and M6 screws, FLAMRO Art No. 17305, is required. For penetrations through lightweight partitions, continuous threaded rods M6 must be used, FLAMRO Art. No. 17300 (if desired, they can also be used for solid building components).

Installation procedure:

Bend the metal straps outside, fasten the collar slipped onto the pipe with the clamp, move the assembly to the building component, mark the position of the boreholes, then drill the required holes for the dowels. After inserting the drop-in anchor, screw on the collar with the metal straps using washers and nuts. In case of continuous threaded rods being used, two opposite straps must be screwed with each other.

Collar installation using mortar:

If firestop collar Variant “PLUS” is used, first surround the pipe with the sound insulation strip and secure the strip with adhesive tape (leave out this step if you use the collar without sound insulation properties). Then insert the collar into the through-penetration opening to the level of the label’s edge, and seal with cement mortar or a mineral building material falling into building materials class DIN 4102-A (the label must remain fully visible after collar insertion and application of mortar). For installation of pipe bends, please see the additional information provided in Sections 3.3 and 4.2.6 of the Technical Approval document (perhaps use of the FLAMRO Variant special collar). A maximum of 3 pipes with an outside diameter of up to 50 mm each may be routed through the installed collars, or 2 pipes with an outside diameter of up to 63 mm each. The pipe penetration seal must be permanently labelled by the installation company. The label has to be affixed to the building component next to the pipe penetration seal. (Information on approved pipe materials, pipe diameters and pipe wall thicknesses is provided in Section 3.2 of Technical Approval document Z 19.17-1269.)

VariantAEnglP-300x196 VariantEEnglP-300x196

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