FLAMRO BSB-K Fire Stop Blocks EI 90 | EI 120

European Technical Evaluation ETA-14|0307, wall seal

Individual or bundled insulated lines up to diam. ≤ 80 mm, cable bundles ≤ 100 mm (largest contained individual cable ≤ 21 mm), cable trays, platforms and ladders, made of steel,

control lines ≤ 16 mm made of steel or plastic

flexible electrical installation pipes, made of plastic, up to 20 mm diameter, filled or unfilled

Areas of application

Installation in min. 122 mm thick walls made of brickwork, concrete or porous concrete, as well as in 122 mm thick lightweight partition walls with timber or steel frames.

max. seal size: W = 60 cm, H = 60 cm

Special benefits

  • low height of only 160 mm
  • resistant to condensate and moisture
  • blocks do not have to be bonded during installation
  • ageing-resistant
  • blocks are flexible and return to their original shape after being compressed
  • simple application by cutting the fire stop blocks
  • no additional coating of fire stop blocks necessary
  • no dust or fibres during application
  • smoke-tight
  • highly flexible seal system for different shapes and requirements of openings

Installation instructions

Clean and remove dust on the opening in the building component prior to mounting. The foam blocks can be cut to size and have to be installed with staggered joints to create a tight connection to the building component. Existing spaces have to be sealed with FLAMRO-KL.

Steel grids 50 x 50 x 4 mm have to be installed according to the information in Appendices 2,4,6,8 and 9 of ETA-14|0307.

Horizontal distance between individual cable support elements min. 20 mm, vertically min. 80 mm, between top cable layer and inner face of the building component min. 40 mm, laterally to the inner face of the seal min. 40 mm, between bottom cable support element and bottom face of building component min. 60 mm.

The cable seal requires a permanent sign applied by the installation company. The sign has to be attached to the building part, next to the cable seal.

Identification signs can be obtained from FLAMRO Brandschutz-Systeme GmbH.


FLAMRO BSB-K blocks stay elastic even after hardening which makes retrofitting easy. The continuous joint around the retrofitting has to be sealed with FLAMRO-KL.


The system consists of

  • FLAMRO BSB Brandschutzblöcke
  • FLAMRO BSB-K Brandschutzmasse


FLAMRO BSB-K Brandschutzblöcke Zulassung ETA-14/0307 ENG (787.9 kB)
FLAMRO BSB-K Brandschutzblöcke Zulassung ETA-15/0710 ENG (629.0 kB)

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