Fire Detection & Fire Fighting Systems and Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
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Fire Fighting Systems:
After the installation of your Fire Fighting System, we take up its regular inspection and maintenance of the pumps, so that the System is always ready to operate. In addition, we can repair any damage that occurs and/or modernize the old system.

Fire Detection Systems:
The inspection and maintenance of the Fire Detection System is the most important part for Fire Protection. A properly maintained System insures a top level safety in case of a fire and the correct protection of your life and property.

Fire Extinguishers:
According to the Ministerial Decision No.618/43/ΦΕΚ52/2005 and the No.17230/671/ΦΕΚ1218/2005 amendment of the same Decision, the maintenance of portable, wheeled, automatic and any other form of fire extinguisher is MANDATORY. For our company the maintenance of your fire extinguishers is no game. A fully equipped workshop and the specially trained personnel of our company can guarantee the detailed inspection of your fire extinguishers accompanied by the certificate for inspection & proper operation. Contact us today and we’ll make an appointment for the pick up and delivery of your fire extinguishers from and to your place.

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The inspection of the fire extinguishers takes place in a fully approved workshop under the authorisation of the Industry Ministry and certified from Bureau VERITAS that issues the Certificate of Compliance for Recognised Company
There is a competent person, responsible for the proper conduct of the fire extinguisher inspection. The certificate for the adequancy and training of the competent person is being renewed on a regular basis by the Bureau VERITAS and Industry Ministry auditor.
You receive a written guarantee for the extinguisher’s proper operation along with a special certificate and a copy of the Periodic Inspection Registry.
According to the strict security specifications applied in the European Union regarding fire extinguishers (cylinders under pressure), we keep detailed electronic information (Periodic Inspection Registry) for every sale or maintenance that we make. That gives you the ability to get informed directly for the number of inspections of your fire extinguisher(s) for as long as you have it and the spare parts that may have been used in each inspection.
We use authentic spare parts and raw materials made in Europe (CE), while at the same time, we put specific and easy to read instructions for proper use and maintenance.
We install an adequate number of replacement fire extinguishers until the ones you own are properly maintained.
We return the actual same fire extinguishers you own, ensuring that your extinguishers haven’t been replaced by others, older or overworked.
You have a economic benefit from the direct exchange, without any hidden charges or resellers.
We inspect the area you want FOR FREE and we suggest the best possible solution in fire extinguishers, fire detection, emergency lights and fire fighting.

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